Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 26: Leopard Lovin'

Thanks again to memo for being my model again this evening :)

We decided to do a really bright, fun, and super easy leopard nail

started off with the seche base (then seche vite as the final top coat)

used Essie's Funky Limelight

for the center spots I used Purple Panic (China Glaze)

and then added Sparkling Fushia glitter from LA Splash over the purple

the Sally Hansen nail art pen in black for the leopard detailing...

and that's it!!


hope you liked it

see ya in the PM!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 25: The Fade

today I decided to do a gradient fade, one of my favorite techniques since it is really simple but looks really cool!

I started with the Seche Base (and then used Seche Vite as a topcoat at the end)

Used a light blue from Nicole for OPI as a base coat

then with a makeup sponge I stippled on Yodel me on my Cell from OPI

Next up I faded in Blue It from Sally Hansen

next up was Russian Navy from OPI

and then I painted over the whole thing with a light coat of Laser from the Sally Hansen HD collection

and here's the finished fade:


That's all she wrote, I'll see ya tmrw

Day 24: Dia de los Muertos

My grandma decided to let me paint her nails...little did she know! ;)
nah, she's totally a sport, in fact she couldn't wait to get finished so she could go flip the bird to my grandpa and show him her skull!

I applied the Seche Base (and then Seche vite as a top coat at the end) on her nails

I painted Flit a Bit by OPI on all of her fingers except the middle nail

for the middle nail I used Purple Panic from China Glaze

on the tips of the orange nails I applied my favorite new polish, Sparkle-icious from OPI (go get this!)

I used lime light, sun worshipper, shocking pink, and blue it for the background of the sugar skull nail

the skull itself was made with my two Sally Hansen Nail Art pens in black and white

that's all, folks!

see ya laterz

Day 23: Marbled Nails


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 21: Batman

if you missed yesterday's video...well good for you! haha

This week we start something new, NAIL WEEK!

it's going to be fun, and a nice break for my eyes
Today is the villains of Batman:

I started with Seche Base to even out my nails (and then topped all the final nails with Seche Vite)

On my middle nail I applied Quick Sand by Sally Hansen for "Two Face"

The first and pinkie nail got a quick coat of Black Out (Sally Hansen)

Wet Cement on the ring finger for "Penguin"

and Paper Chasing (china glaze) on the thumb

Happy Go Lucky by China Glaze for the actual logo...

I used the black and white sally hansen Nail Art Pens for the detailing of all the looks

and that's it...

see ya tomorrow! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 19: The Bombshell

yay my memory card worked today!! granted it is a different one than yesterday which caused the epic fail...

anyway super simple and quick look today inspired by one of the most beautiful ppl ever... Miss Marilyn Monroe, of course.

All the details are in the video so yeah... that's it



see ya Mon-Ya-Nah.