Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 24: Dia de los Muertos

My grandma decided to let me paint her nails...little did she know! ;)
nah, she's totally a sport, in fact she couldn't wait to get finished so she could go flip the bird to my grandpa and show him her skull!

I applied the Seche Base (and then Seche vite as a top coat at the end) on her nails

I painted Flit a Bit by OPI on all of her fingers except the middle nail

for the middle nail I used Purple Panic from China Glaze

on the tips of the orange nails I applied my favorite new polish, Sparkle-icious from OPI (go get this!)

I used lime light, sun worshipper, shocking pink, and blue it for the background of the sugar skull nail

the skull itself was made with my two Sally Hansen Nail Art pens in black and white

that's all, folks!

see ya laterz

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