Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 10: The Snowy owl

what's up guys! yes, i do have an eye patch on in this video...and probably the next few videos.
why? well as you know i was sick and now my poor left eye has a slight infection, this way i'm not contaminating my makeup by applying anything to the effected eye and also not making you look at that unattractiveness. anywho...

as always i'm starting off with nyx jumbo eyeshadow in Milk as the base

then a creamier white from the bh 120 palette
a true white (I used Gesso from MAC) in the inner corner
followed by a light grey/silver (from the 120 palette) in the outer crease.
I applied a yellow in the inner corner (chrome yellow would be perfect here)
and then lined with a black liquid liner and smudged with a shimmery charcoal.

finished up with black mascara and filled in my brows

I used an unknown lipgloss from Balmshell (it's a medium toned sheer pink)
and then a frosty gloss from Este Lauder in the center to give my lips a fuller pout

thats all folks..hope you liked it!

see ya tomorrow


  1. thats awful to hear 8( i hope you get better.
    i can wait to see the vid for this look 8)

  2. Aww poor girl! Seems like everyone was getting sick this past weekend... Hope you feel better fast!