Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17 & 18!! whoops

so i did post both days...just forgot to blog it
my bad!

anyway, tuesday was 80's halloween makeup a'la Joan Cusack in "Working Girl" it twas GOD AWFUL, check the video if you didn't see it. Trust me. it's a fail

but today was the real fail
you see I started recording about 8pm (Top Model was on, I was busy) so I finished one look decided to move on to another look which ended up not working, but the point is I should've had 2 sets of footage to edit. I start to process the clips and they aren't on the memory card. I know i recorded bc the little red light was on...WTF

so I've already taken off my makeup so I go back and just record one eye...cuz i'm pissed off...on that same card. Guess what. It doesn't record AGAIN! wtf.
Luckily I had another memory card so i filmed ONE MORE TIME...and it finally took, but in that last set of footage I was so pissed off I didn't even do a live tutorial, I just walked you guys thru it. I'm sorry, but I always say: Project 48 stops for nothing...but today it was seriously this {-} close to not being up today.


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