Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 3: Dr. Pepper...

Personally Dr. Pepper is definitely not something I go for...
I heard long ago that the flavor was supposed to be carbonated prune juice and I just couldn't look at the good ol' Doctor the same. No bueno.

But that isn't going to stop me from trying to create a semi-wearable look from this soda kingpin.

(btw this look will be great for green eyes since it utilizes a lot of reds which are a direct complimentary to green)

I started off with Rubenesque paint pot from MAC as a base

Next up Honey Lust from MAC

and then Chocolate from BFTE in the outer corner

next up is one of my FAVORITE colors of all time Addicted from BFTE **sooo gorgeous!***

added a cream color to the highlight to blend out my edges before breaking out the Red Handed by Addiction NV cosmetics for a liner

black liner to kohl rim and black mascara

Hearty Peach blush from Avon for the cheeks

Next up is a gorgeous dazzleglass from MAC called Amorous

and voila...Dr. Pepper makeup :)

hope you like it, see ya tmrw!

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